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“UIS PHARM” Medical Items Factory is a new pharmaceutical enterprise which was originally designed with due regard of GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) – the rules of the organization of production and quality control of medicinal means.

GMP means – quality raw materials and supplied materials, production facilities (“clean” rooms) – complying with the highest standards, responsible and professional attitude to work, better equipment and, as a result, – high-quality products.

Our company operates production, storage and sale of medical products. To date, production capacities allow the production of 100 million disposable syringes a year. One of the key strategies of the Plant Medical Products UIS PHARM “is to provide customers with high quality and safe medical products, such as three-component disposable syringes intended for hypodermic, subcutaneous, intramuscular, intravenous injections and blood sampling.

The three-component disposable syringes manufactured at our factory have a number of advantages as

compared to the analogues and widely used two-component syringes:

- smoothness of the piston stroke (the friction between the gasket and the barrel is minimum), which allows to control

the speed of injection of the preparation, which leads to elimnination of jerks and correspongingly to the elimination of


- very sharp trihedrally sharpened needle manufactured to special technology, the needle that practically does not

traumatize tissues and excludes painful sensations;

- absolute transparency of the barrel and clear graduation of the scale allows to control the injection of medicines


Continuous investments, steady mastering of advanced production technology, strict quality control allow us to be

sure that the products manufactured by UIS FARM medical items factory bring the level of treatment of Ukrainian

patients to the European standards of health care.

We invite all the interested partners and organizations to long-term and mutually beneficial


We are confident that by working together we can make both your and our business even more successful!